Personal Chef Services

What is the Body Card Personal Chef Program?

When we began our own business back in the fall of 2005, we quickly discovered that one thing was missing from almost every personal training program. Food….or better yet, proper nutritional guidance. We believe that what you eat is 90% of the results you will achieve. But at the same time, we also believe that meal times are special for families, and a chance to relax and enjoy something wonderful. That is why we bring healthy ingredients, a passion for cooking, and wonderful recipes right into your own kitchen. Meals are prepared for five days in advance by your personal-chef in your very own kitchen, and the best part is we tidy before we leave, so you can just come home and warm up your meal.

All our menus are fully customizable and approved by you before hand. Everything we prepare is created to suit your palate, budget, and fitness goals. We use nothing but REAL food and whole ingredients…no powders, potions, sugar substitutes, or barely edible cardboard!

Do I need a Personal Chef if I already know how to eat right?

For clients who already have their eating plans down, we will provide you with a food blue-print to compliment your current diet.  However, many people may know how to eat well, but might not be doing it.  Our goal is to help you develop healthy habits which will follow you for life. We consider it a reboot for people who have gotten out of healthy habits by developing unhealthy routines.  Basically, you are handing us over the keys to your will-power for a short time…let us do the driving for a bit, and see if you like the final destination.

Since I can’t afford a Personal Chef for the rest of my life, how will I ever learn to do this for myself?

We feel like we have achieved an amazing task when what we know becomes what YOU know. During our time preparing your meals, we encourage you to be in the kitchen with us. We love to talk with you, answer questions, and show you tips that you can learn when preparing your food for yourself. We are there to help you develop healthy habits that will last you a lifetime. We also give you weekly recipes, and easy-to-use food-plan blue prints.

How much is this going to cost me?

We have packages that are agreeable to just about every budget.  For a free consultation, just e-mail us!

Tell us a little about yourself and your goals and we will get right back to you:

(971) 241-6388

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