Our Trainers


~Shea Rose~

Shea became certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Science Association in 2004. Shortly thereafter she and her husband became involved in their first in-home training business. Shea began to experiment by adding her personal chef and life-coaching skills to the current program design. Driven by a passion for fitness and a love for creative and delicious health foods, she uses her creativity to cultivate new meals and menus that do not sacrifice taste for nutrition. Highly successful in this endeavor, she began her own business, Experience One, in 2005. While her husband did most of the training, Shea cooked for each client, right in their very own kitchens, carefully creating tailor-made dishes to suit each persons specialized needs.20121206-095859.jpg

Shea and her husband soon noticed that the in-home training paired with life-coaching and personalized meals dramatically improved weight-loss and increased results. Ever since then they have worked together providing home-cooked meals, compassion and companionship, with in-home routines for amazing results.

In her free time Shea loves to homeschool her two kids, and finds extra joy in helping post-partum mothers get in-shape as anticipation for those busy toddler years.  She enjoys horseback riding, raising chickens, photography, and traveling.


~Lane “Highway Man” O’Sullivan~

Lane has been a personal trainer since 1996, and an ISSA Certified Trainer since 2001. He currently holds several certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association. Lane specializes in in-home personal training with an emphasis on applied kinesiology, sports rehab, and USCF cycling coaching.

Lane began competitive road cycling on Team 7-up in his early twenties, and partook in several USCF courses on endurance training.

As a competitive cyclist riding for many different teams, Lane completed the Tourbetterthumb7 of Gila, Valley of the Sun Road Race, Tour of Tucson, Tour of Utah, Redlands Classic California, Super Week, various regional races, and many more. Lane took his bike all across the United States, and says his favorite places to ride are the country landscapes of Ohio, Vermont in the early fall, and through the central valley of Northern California.

laneWhen Lane reached his mid-twenties he became interested in professional body-building. Lane saw it as a challenge to bring his body from the lean frame of a road cyclist to the muscle-bound physic of a professional bodybuilder. Lane worked closely with dozens of other body-builders in Southern California during his time as a trainer. Within one year he went from a 170 pound Domestique rider to a 220 pound body builder at 6 percent body-fat. From there he began competing in the NPC and placed highly in his classes. This success lead him to a further interest in fitness. This passion couple with his experience in high endurance sports and body building led Lane to pursue a fulfilling, full-time career in Personal Training.

Lane has trained highly successful business men and regular Joe’s alike. His clients cutehave come to him to seek out the knowledge and passion Lane has for helping people achieve their goals. One of his favorite achievements so far has been helping one client lose 140 pounds of excess body fat, and assisting another client achieve his cycling dreams after major hip surgery kept him sedentary for years.

While cycling and body-building still remain dear to his heart, his main passions now are guiding people towards health through losing weight and gaining muscle, making sure they reach their personal goals, and helping them become re-involved with life.  Lane is a consultant for each of our clients, and is an invaluable asset to us with his extensive knowledge and his ability to relate to people from every background imaginable.  On a personal level, Lane enjoys time with his own family, working-out, writing music in his studio with his band-mates, and sharing a spot of tea with friends on the porch of his farmhouse.

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