Our Philosophy

mind2Our philosophy on fitness is simple.

1.  Fitness “goals” are not achieved in the future, but in the NOW.  When we are seeking a certain level of fitness, we make sure that what we are doing in the now is in alignment with the goal.  Making fitness a future achievement (AKA projecting) builds anxiety, causes procrastination, and makes it easy to give up.  We encourage our clients to develop a lifestyle in which the choices made in each moment are in alignment with the over all vision for health.

2.  Self-observation.  In order to break out of old patterns, we must first become aware of those patterns.  Have you noticed you tend to eat everything in sight during a depression, or get angry at a situation and take it out on your own body with alcohol?  No one can change these patterns but you, and simply becoming aware of these patterns is the first step.  This is achieved through self-observation.  No one likes to be corrected by another person, given advice without asking, or told what they “should do.”  However, when something suddenly dawns on us concerning our behavior, we are likely to accept it because it was our own realization and not a criticism.  We encourage our clients to practice non-critical self-observation in order to develop a healthier relationship between the mind and the body.

3.  Physical fitness is a mathematical equation and the body is like a machine which processes that equation.  There is always input and output.  We believe in taking the mystery out of staying fit because it is the right of every owner of a Human body to know how to use it without gimmicks and tricks.  We give you a simple food and exercise plan that promises results and lasting change because fitness is not dependent on luck, magic, or mystery.  We make sure to share our knowledges with our clients so that when the program is over they are no longer reliant on a trainer and the entire process has been demystified.


Our physical bodies are a manifestation of our inner thoughts, moods, and our life-circumstances.  Maybe you’ve heard sayings like, “what the mind believes the body achieves.”  Many trainers only consider the work-out routine as a mode of changing the physical body…but we know there are other factors!  What stories do you tell yourself, what thoughts do you hold in regards to your physical condition?  How satisfied are you with your current life situation?  What are the dominating thoughts and beliefs that keep you in a fixed position?  How are your relationships…do you find support from those you love?  What is your work environment like?  What are your eating habits, your cravings, your favorite pastimes?  How well do you sleep?

The mind (and our ability to use our mind instead of allowing it to use us) is the number one factor that contributes to your success in changing your physical body.  I AM focuses not just on the workout, but the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of the client.  We go beyond basic training modalities and into exercises and practices to help you identify unconscious areas of resistance, needs you have that are not fully recognized, patterns that have previously interrupted your goals, etc.  We combine physical exertion with open communication, the ability to say exactly what is on your mind.  Speaking openly and honestly about fears, disappointments, stresses, sharing joy and insights are ALL a part of the over-all catharsis that happens when the physical body begins to shake off its dust.  We hold a space for you to be exactly where you are without judgment or unwanted advice, while encouraging you to go deeper, explore your perceived limitations, and challenge yourself on new levels.

Over the past two-decades of training we have found that our life-coaching skills are a valuable asset to our clients who are going through divorce, entering into uncharted territories of life, undergoing surgery or health challenges, changing occupations, experiencing family issues, or who are suffering from day-to-day stress.  All of our clients sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement which keeps their personal life personal and allows them to open up to us the way they would a trusted confidant.  This relationship allows clients to feel their voice is heard, their goals are supported, and that they are understood.

Additionally, we know that everyone has a different goal for their physical appearance.  Some clients are happy with the way they look and only want to increase functionality and energy levels.  Others wish to lose excess weight but are happy with a full-figure.  Some clients want extreme transformation.  We allow YOU to set the goals and we support those goals from start to finish.  We never push our clients into a routine that is uncomfortable because we know that you are the one living in your body and you are the only one who has the ability to make and keep permanent change.

Our clients receive support on every level throughout the entire transformational process. Our programs are tailored to fit your needs, both to match your goals and to fit within your budget. If you think having an in-home fitness trainer and personal chef is out of your means, just take the time to look over our wide variety of packages, or contact us to talk about creating your own program.


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