Frequently Asked Questions

What is “in-home” personal training?

Over the years we have found that training in the gym just isn’t for everyone. Some people feel overwhelmed, some dislike the time commitment of driving to the gym, some don’t like the yearly commitment, some are embarrassed or just plain uncomfortable. That is why we launched our business with an emphasis of bringing the gym to you. We have the very best in personal fitness equipment including Bowflex dial-in free weights from 5 lbs to 60 lbs, a wide array of tension bands, medicine balls, Swiss balls, yoga mats, wind trainers, road bikes, heart rate monitors, and just about everything you could think of to get a gym-quality work-out in your own home or office. We bring all the gear in our vehicle, and using a custom-made dolly, we tote everything in and out of your house quickly and efficiently.

Why combine a personal chef with a personal trainer?

Anyone who has attained an elite level of fitness will tell you that exercise alone is not sufficient for making or sustaining progress. Some fitness models, body-builders, and other professional athletes go so far as to say that the food is 90% of the equation in attaining health and fitness. However, we have found that so many of our clients think they have to eat boring, bland foods in order to have the body they want. This is a myth!

Your personal chef will come into your house once or twice per week to cook and carefully store all of your meals. Our foods focus not only on health, but emphasize the vast array of rich, wholesome, and flavorful varieties of food. We use organic spices which we hand-grind using a mortar and pestal and focus on a wide-variety of organic meats, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  We’ve been told our meals are so good that no one can believe they are actually good for you! The best part is that you will be encouraged to participate in the shopping and the creation of meals. It is our goal to teach you how to make these amazing meals yourself. We also provide you with the recipes and instruction for each and every meal we create for you.

What areas does your personal chef service?

We service Rocklin, Auburn, Grass Valley, and Nevada City.  If you fall outside of this area, please don’t hesitate to call us to see if there can be arrangements made.

I have food allergies, special dietary needs and I am also a very picky eater.

When we take in a new client, we conduct a very thorough interview. During this time we will go over your food allergies, dietary needs, and personal preferences. We use all of this information while planning your meals. In addition, all of our clients must accompany us to the store at least one time to point out favorites, ask questions, and get to know their chef. We are able to work with almost any dietary need, and find it an extra enjoyable challenge to prepare meals for those who have picky taste-buds.

Do I have to buy my own food, or does the price of the service include my food?

The price for the cooking only includes the preparation of the food, storage of the meals, and cleaning of the kitchen and equipment. You may choose to have us purchase your groceries for you, in which case there is a very small additional fee of $25 per month. Otherwise, you may go to the store and purchase all of your own groceries using a weekly shopping list which we will e-mail to you. We can discuss this more during your interview.

Do I have to train at my house?

Nope. Many of our clients find it easier to train at their office during a lunch break or before/after work. Some also enjoy meeting at a park or a favorite recreational spot. We are open to meeting anywhere that can be accessed by our vehicle, and with access to a restroom, water fountain, and receives cellular phone service. We also don’t mind training in your gym if you are already comfortable…but we do ask that you pay for any additional fees your gym may charge for bringing in a guest.  There is no additional fee to train at Pam’s Fitness First in Grass Valley, as we are already contracted through that facility.  We are also happy to train you at a friend’s house, so long as they agree to signing a waiver giving you permission to do so.

Additionally, we also do training via the web. Using Skype, we are able to train you live, using your own computer from home or work. We will help you purchase and set up your own equipment at your chosen location, and then train you at later times via the world-wide web. This is also ideal for clients who travel often, and even without your equipment we can guide you in an effective program in your hotel or vacation destination.

My kitchen is small without many pots and pans.

Don’t worry, we’re used to it! We have an assortment of high-end kitchenware that we bring with us to use at your place. As long as you have a usable kitchen with electricity, a stove/oven, and water, we should do just fine!

What types of goals do your average clients have?

Our clients goals are quite diverse! Some have substantial amounts of weight they wish to lose (100+ pounds), others only wish to lose their love handles and tone up. We have trained brides and their bridesmaids prior to a wedding, with the goal of fitting into a special dress. We also enjoyed trained a woman who wanted to knock everyone’s socks off at her 25th high school reunion.  Some of our clients are already in satisfactory physical shape, but wish to attain an elite level of fitness, or compete in a contest or race. Many of our clients are in the later part of their life and wish to maintain a functional level of fitness. Others are just starting high-school or college and wish to feel their very best during those exciting times.

If you think your goal is too extreme, or not a big enough goal to warrant a trainer, just ask us! We would be glad to give you a free assessment to let you know how we can be of assistance.  You can also find out more about who we train under our Programs and Packages tab.

What is a “transformation”?

We refer to the Transformation as making a major, positive change in ones physical and mental well-being. The transformation usually involves either major weight-loss or the achievement of an extreme goal, such as reaching 9% body-fat. Most of our clients will be making positive changes to their health, and achieving wonderful goals. However, the transformation is much more extraordinary life changing event, such as losing 150 pounds, or taking a post-baby body down to a competitive figure athlete. The transformational package is for someone who has a vision of what they want to look like, but can’t figure out how to get there alone. It is our goal to make sure you reach yours!

What sort of contracts do I need to sign to start this service?

Because we respect and honor our clients, we will first sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA). Often times you will find the process to be emotionally charging, and feel comfortable opening up and sharing details about your life with your trainer. We encourage this sharing process, as so much of our physical bodies are tied up to our emotional well-being. Because of this relationship everything you share during our sessions will be kept private including personal information, health information, and anything else shared with your trainer.  The NDA protects us both if we were summoned by the court to divulge information about you if you were in a lawsuit, etc.  We believe in protecting our clients privacy above all else so that we can be not just your trainer, but your confidant and your friend.

You will also be asked to sign a waiver that you are cleared by your doctor to engage in an exercise plan and have no known illness or injury that you have not discussed with your trainer. Sometimes this will involve obtaining a note from your doctor in the case that you have a medical condition.

Lastly, we will ask you to sign a contract acknowledging the package you have chosen and arranging for payment. Some of our packages only require a one-time payment, others may involve payment over several months. We want to set you up with a payment agreement and schedule that works for you that can be easily managed and anticipated.

I wish I had more time…my schedule is not flexible.

It is important to note that we are very committed to your goals. We base our worth on YOUR ability to achieve your ambitions. If you are not as committed as we are, then we are both bound to fail. We don’t want to waste your money, or our time. Therefore, we agree to work with you in being as flexible as possible, including training in the very early mornings, late evenings, some weekends and occasional holidays. However, if you are chronically unavailable and suffer from a lack of time, we wish you the very best and hope that you will find some time for yourself in the near future!

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