What is I AM?

friendsThe I Am personal training philosophy is based on a unique combination of personal training, fitness food preparation and life-coaching.  We believe that the foundation of physical fitness is also the beginning of harmony between the body, mind, and spirit.  Our philosophy was developed over years of basic personal training in gyms.  We realized at this time the great needs our clients had not just to work out, but to talk it out.  Many of them identified that their poor quality of health came from the stress and pressure of everyday life, the same hectic schedule which kept them from having personal-time and quality relationships.

We noticed that clients who opened up to us as friends and confidants were more successful in their transformations, felt more bonded to us as trainers, and reported greater levels of satisfaction with their progress.  However, we also realized there was a limit to holding space for personal conversations within a loud and crowded gym atmosphere.  This is when we shifted our practice to in-home personal training which focuses on our clients convenience (we come to you at your home, business, or favorite park).

Imagine you have a personal trainer who not only cares about your physical goals, but one who is also trained to listen, observe, and help you identify areas of your life that can be transformed.  Our philosophy encourages wholeness within the mind, body, and spirit.  (Read more about our Philosophy HERE).  We are looking for clients that want more than a gym experience with the same physical results as one would get with a gym routine.  Over the years we found clients want a personal trainer who makes them laugh, helps them get at their dreams, and who can be a reliable friend when life gets rough.

We provide weights, tension bands, mats, yoga balls, wind-trainers, and more when we show up for our sessions at your choice of locations.  We will also meet you at parks, hiking trails, golf-courses, tennis courts, or other outdoor activities to keep the routine interesting, fun, and personalized.

Our goal is that our clients receive support on every level throughout the entire transformational process.  Additionally, our programs are tailored to fit your needs, both to match your goals and to fit within your budget.  If you suppose having an in-home fitness trainer and personal chef is out of your means, just take the time to look over our wide variety of packages, or contact us to talk about creating your own program.

Note:  As of July 2013, to ensure privacy for professionals and business-minded clients, we now offer non-disclosure agreements at no additional charge.  This allows our clients to share with us to the degree they feel comfortable, while being legally and personally protected.


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